SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

Meeting of the SIGHPC - Big Data Chapter

Authors: Dr. Stratos Efstathiadis (New York University)

BP Abstract: The goal of the BoF is to gather for the first time members and non-members of the SIGHPC Big Data Virtual Chapter who are interested in learning about the challenges of converging Big Data and HPC. The BoF will give people the opportunity to hear about existing challenges and openly discuss solutions, tools and new approaches on how to best utilize available Big Data and HPC resources. Presentations: Scott Yockel (Harvard Research Computing): “Big Data, where doesn’t it come from, and how I deal with it?" Harry Mangalam (UC Irvine Research Computing): “BeeGFS in real life”

Long Description: N/A - This is the annual meeting of the SIGHPC-BigData virtual chapter.

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