SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

OpenMP: Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going?

Authors: Mr. Jim Cownie (Intel Corporation)

BP Abstract: We all know OpenMP: "Parallel loops", right? 1990's technology. Irrelevant to my current problems. This lively interactive BOF will change your mind, showcasing modern OpenMP ("The language that lets you use all your compute resources") by presenting OpenMP 4.5 and the vision for OpenMP 5.0. Experts will give short presentations on key OpenMP 4.5 features, and then answer your questions on its technical aspects. Michael Klemm (OpenMP's new CEO) will present our vision for OpenMP 5.0 and we'll finish with an audience led discussion with a panel including members of the OpenMP Architecture Review Board.

Long Description: OpenMP is a critical HPC technology, however many people have not followed its evolution into a directive based language that can be used to program CPUs and accelerators in a consistent manner. This BoF will provide a forum in which OpenMP experts from the OpenMP language committee present the latest OpenMP features with motivating examples, and then answer questions from the audience to educate them on modern OpenMP. We'll move on to a short presentation on OpenMP's vision for OpenMP 5.0 and finish with a panel session with panelists drawn from the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (ARB) who can answer questions on the importance of OpenMP to their companies or organizations. We'll have both vendors and users on the panel, since both are represented on the ARB and are critical to OpenMP's success.

Conference Presentation: pdf

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