SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

HPC Education: Meeting of the SIGHPC Education Chapter

Authors: Mr. Richard Coffey (Argonne National Laboratory)

BP Abstract: The purpose of the SIGHPC Education chapter is to encourage interest in and knowledge of the applications of HPC by supporting educational activities. This BOF will bring together those interested in promoting HPC education through the formal and informal activities of the chapter. The current officers will present information on the chapter organization, membership, and a review of current and proposed activities. They will then lead an open discussion from participants to solicit their ideas and feedback on chapter activities.

Long Description: The goals of the SIGHPC Education chapter are to: 1) Promote an increased knowledge of, and broader interest in, the educational and scientific aspects of HPC and their applications. 2) Provide a means of communication among individuals having an interest in education and career building activities relating to HPC. 3) Promote and collate education activities and programs through formal and informal education resources. 4) Provide guidance to the community on the competencies required for effective application of computational modeling, simulation, data analysis, and visualization techniques. 5) Provide information on quality educational programs and materials as well as facilitating experiential learning access to existing HPC resources. This BOF will provide an overview of the chapter organization and present a set of possible chapter activities that will allow us to progress toward these goals. The participants will be solicited to share their insights and then asked to help us gauge which activities are of greatest interest. The activities include regular virtual meetings and seminars on HPC education topics, newsletters highlighting various education efforts throughout the HPC community, the creation of prototypical education programs and competencies in computational modeling, simulation, data analysis, and visualization techniques, and mechanisms to provide information on quality educational programs and materials. Since the SIGHPC Education chapter is primarily virtual, we also anticipate participants will benefit from the opportunity for face-to-face interaction.

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