SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

Intel QuickAssist User Gathering

Authors: Sven Karlsson (Technical University of Denmark)

BP Abstract: In 2015, Intel made a number of experimental systems incorporating Intel QuickAssist technology available. The systems consist of an Intel processor tightly connected to an Altera FPGA via direct package pins. The Intel QuickAssist user gathering aims at providing a forum for users of the aforementioned systems, or users of QuickAssist technology, to exchange experiences. The end goal is to build a community for the QuickAssist technology. The gathering will have presentations intermixed with discussions on how to build the community. It is open to everyone interested in the QuickAssist technology, the Hardware Accelerator Research Program and FPGAs in general.

Long Description: In 2015, Intel made a number of systems available to the research community under the "Heterogeneous Architecture Research Platform" program. Thus, providing a very capable experimental platform for architectural research for high performance computing. Recently, Intel has announced a continuation of the program named the "Hardware Accelerator Research Program". The purpose of the BoF session is to bring together persons interested in the aforementioned systems, in the Intel QuickAssist as well as persons interested in the use of FPGAs in high performance computing. The platform that Intel has provided is very useful for prototyping high performance systems as it tightly connects a high-end Altera FPGA with an Intel server processor. The goal of the BoF session is to attempt to build a user driven community around the QuickAssist systems. While the focus of the community will be the QuickAssist and its users, persons generally interested in FPGAs in high performance computing are welcome. This is a new BoF, not held before, and the expected outcome is a report briefly outlining the current state of projects using the QuickAssist and a plan for how to establish and build a community.

Conference Presentation: pdf

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