SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

Birds of a Feather

  1. 13th Graph500 List. Richard Murphy (Micron Technology Inc)
  2. The 2016 Ethernet Roadmap. John D'Ambrosia (Ethernet Alliance)
  3. The 2016 HPC Challenge Awards. Piotr Luszczek (University of Tennessee)
  4. Analyzing Parallel I/O. Philip Carns (Argonne National Laboratory)
  5. Best Practices in Mentoring Undergraduate Research in Supercomputing. Nancy Amato (Texas A&M University)
  6. Big Data and Exascale Computing (BDEC) Community Report. Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee)
  7. Burst Buffers: Early Experiences and Outlook. Deborah Bard (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  8. Ceph in HPC Environments. Douglas Fuller (Red Hat Inc)
  9. Charm++ and AMPI: Adaptive and Asynchronous Parallel Programming. Phil Miller (CharmWorks Inc)
  10. Charting the PMIx Roadmap. Ralph Castain (Intel Corporation)
  11. Distributed Machine Intelligence Using Tensorflow. Karan Bhatia (Google)
  12. Emerging Trends in HPC Systems and Application Modernization. Hans-Christian Hoppe (Intel Corporation)
  13. Energy Efficiency Considerations and HPC Procurement. Natalie Bates (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  14. European Exascale Projects and Their International Collaboration Potential. Jean-François Lavignon (European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing)
  15. Experimental Infrastructure and Methodology for HPC Cloud Research. Kate Keahey (Argonne National Laboratory)
  16. The Future of NSF Advanced Cyberinfrastructure. William Miller (National Science Foundation)
  17. The Green500: Trends for Energy-Efficient Supercomputing. Wu Feng (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
  18. HDF5: State of the Union. Quincey Koziol (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  19. High Performance Geometric Multigrid (HPGMG): an HPC Performance Benchmark. Mark Adams (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  20. How to Build Diverse Teams for More Effective Research. Toni Collis (EPCC at the University of Edinburgh)
  21. HPC Education: Meeting of the SIGHPC Education Chapter. Richard Coffey (Argonne National Laboratory)
  22. HPC Outreach: Promoting Supercomputing to the Next Generation. Nick Brown (EPCC at the University of Edinburgh)
  23. HPCG Benchmark Update. Michael Heroux (Sandia National Laboratories)
  24. Impacting Cancer with HPC: Opportunities and Challenges. Eric Stahlberg (Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research)
  25. Intel QuickAssist User Gathering. Sven Karlsson (Technical University of Denmark)
  26. Lustre Community BOF: Lustre Deployments for the Next 5 Years. Stephen Simms (Indiana University)
  27. Meeting of the SIGHPC - Big Data Chapter. Stratos Efstathiadis (New York University)
  28. The Message Passing Interface: On the Road to MPI 4.0 and Beyond. Martin Schulz (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  29. Monitoring Large Scale HPC Systems: Understanding, Diagnosis, and Attribution of Performance Variation and Issues. Ann Gentile (Sandia National Laboratories)
  30. MPICH: A High-Performance Open-Source MPI Implementation. Pavan Balaji (Argonne National Laboratory)
  31. Multi-Kernel OSes for Extreme-Scale HPC. Rolf Riesen (Intel Corporation)
  32. New Technologies, Platforms and Services for Sharing Research Data: Data Commons, Distributed Clouds, and Distributed Data Services. Robert Grossman (University of Chicago)
  33. Next Generation of Co-Processors Emerges: In-Network Computing. Gilad Shainer (HPC Advisory Council)
  34. Omni-Path User Group (OPUG) Meeting. Nick Nystrom (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center)
  35. On-Demand Infrastructure for Data Analytics and Storage. Franck Cappello (Argonne National Laboratory)
  36. Open MPI State of the Union X. Jeffrey Squyres (Cisco Systems)
  37. OpenACC API User Experience, Vendor Reaction, Relevance, and Roadmap. Duncan Poole (NVIDIA Corporation)
  38. OpenHPC Community BOF. Karl Schulz (Intel Corporation)
  39. OpenMP: Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going?. Jim Cownie (Intel Corporation)
  40. OpenStack for HPC: Best Practices for Optimizing Software-Defined Infrastructure. Jonathan Mills (NASA)
  41. Optimizing Performance on Many-Core Processors: Unleashing the Power of the Intel® Xeon Phi and Beyond. Richard Gerber (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)
  42. PGAS: The Partitioned Global Address Space. Tarek El-Ghazawi (George Washington University)
  43. Reconfigurable Supercomputing. Martin Herbordt (Boston University)
  44. Report to the Facilitator/Cyberpractitioner Community of an NSF-Supported Workshop on the Profession: Community-Building and Next Steps. James Bottum (Internet2)
  45. SAGE2: Scalable Amplified Group Environment for Global Collaboration. Jason Leigh (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
  46. SLURM User Group Meeting. Morris Jette (SchedMD LLC)
  47. Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering on Supercomputers. David Bernholdt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  48. Special Interest Group on HPC in Resource Constrained Environments (SIGHPC-RCE). Hensley Omorodion (University of Benin)
  49. Today’s Hot Technology: The Growing Necessity of Liquid Cooled HPC. Geoff Lyon (CoolIT Systems Inc)
  50. TOP500 Supercomputers. Erich Strohmaier (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  51. The U.S. Exascale Computing Project. Paul Messina (Argonne National Laboratory)
  52. Use Cases of Reconfigurable Computing Architectures for HPC. Marie-Christine Sawley (Intel Corporation)
  53. The Virtual Institute for I/O and the IO-500 List. Julian Kunkel (German Climate Computing Center)
  54. Women in HPC: Intersectionality. Rebecca Hartman-Baker (National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center)

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