SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

DS12. NAM: Network Attached Memory

Student: Juri Schmidt (University of Heidelberg)
Advisor: Ulrich Bruening (University of Heidelberg)
Abstract: Power and energy increasingly move into focus more, in particular, in HPC. The impact of the so-called memory wall continues to grow at a moderate rate. The idea of Processing in Memory, as one solution to overcome this issue, has been around for quite a long time. Only recently it has become technologically and economically available by heterogeneous die stacking. As one approach we have developed the Network Attached Memory (NAM). The NAM is a research vehicle to explore the possibilities of PIM in an affordable way. The first prototype is implemented as an FPGA that is connected to a Hybrid Memory Cube. Since these are two discrete devices we call it Near Data Computing. The NAM provides an interface to directly connect an EXTOLL high performance interconnection network interface controller. It is therefore a network-wide accessible and shared storage and compute node.

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