SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

Doctoral Showcase

  1. DS1. Characterizing and Improving Power and Performance of HPC Networks. Taylor L. Groves (University of New Mexico)
  2. DS10. Improving Fault Tolerance for Extreme Scale Systems. Eduardo Berrocal (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  3. DS11. Cooperative Batch Scheduling for HPC Systems. Xu Yang (Illinois Institute of Technology)
  4. DS12. NAM: Network Attached Memory. Juri Schmidt (University of Heidelberg)
  5. DS2. Performance and Energy Aware Workload Partitioning on Heterogeneous Platforms. Li Tang (University of Notre Dame)
  6. DS3. Dynamic Power Management for Hardware Over-Provisioned Systems. Daniel A. Ellsworth (University of Oregon)
  7. DS4. From Detection to Optimization: Understanding Silent Error's Impact on Scientific Applications. Jon Calhoun (University of Illinois)
  8. DS5. Parallel Storage Systems for Large-Scale Machines. Christos Filippidis (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens)
  9. DS6. High Performance File System and I/O Middleware Design for Big Data on HPC Clusters. Nusrat Islam (Ohio State University)
  10. DS7. Low Design-Risk Checkpointing Storage Solution for Exascale Supercomputers. Nilmini Abeyratne (University of Michigan)
  11. DS8. Realizing a Self-Adaptive Network Architecture for HPC Clouds. Feroz Zahid (Simula Research Laboratory)
  12. DS9. Automatic Discovery of Efficient Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms for Dynamic Programming Problems. Pramod Ganapathi (Stony Brook University)

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