SC16 Austin, TX

SRC19. GNI Provider Iovector Support for Libfabric

Student: Evan Harvey (Cray Inc.)
Supervisor: Sung-Eun Choy (Cray Inc.)

Abstract: Portable HPC middleware such as MPICH has typically targeted low-level network APIs that are vendor specific. Libfabric is a new portable, low-level API that aims to alleviate the burden of porting to new network APIs without sacrificing performance. The Libfabric GNI “provider” was developed to enable testing Libfabric-based middle-ware at scale using Cray XC(TM) systems with the Aries interconnect. This poster describes the implementation of scatter-gather lists for point-to-point data transfers using the Aries Chip.

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Two-page extended abstract: pdf

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