SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

44. Modeling and Simulation of Tape Libraries for Hierarchical Storage Systems

Authors: Jakob Luettgau (German Climate Computing Center)Julian Kunkel (German Climate Computing Center)

Abstract: The variety of storage technologies results in deep storage hierarchies to be the only feasible choice to meet performance and cost requirements when handling vast amounts of data. Long-term storage systems employed by scientific users are mainly reliant on tape storage, as it remained the most cost-efficient option. Archival systems are often loosely integrated into the HPC storage infrastructure. With the rise of exascale systems and in situ analysis also burst buffers will require integration with the archive. Exploring new strategies and developing open software for tape systems is a hurdle due to the lack of affordable storage silos and availability outside of large organizations and due to increased wariness requirements when dealing with ultra-durable data. Lessening these problems by providing virtual storage silos should enable community-driven innovation, and enable site operators to add features where they see fit while being able to verify strategies before deploying on production systems.

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