SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

19. Utilizing In-Memory Storage for MPI-IO

Authors: Julian Kunkel (German Climate Computing Center)Eugen Betke (German Climate Computing Center)

Abstract: In contrast to disk or flash based storage solutions, throughput and latency of in-memory storage promises to be close to the best performance. Kove's XPD offers pooled memory for cluster systems. However, the system does not expose access methods to treat the memory like a traditional parallel file system that offers POSIX or MPI-IO semantics. Contributions of this poster are: (1) Implementation of a MPI-IO driver for the XPD. (2) Thorough performance evaluation of the XPD using IOR with MPI-IO mode. This MPI independent file driver enables high-level libraries (HDF5, NetCDF) to utilize the XPD's pooled memory. We demonstrate that the MPI-IO driver is able to efficiently take benefit of the pooled memory by providing it as in-memory storage.

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