SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

47. GPU-STREAM: Now in 2D!

Authors: Tom Deakin (University of Bristol)James Price (University of Bristol)Matt Martineau (University of Bristol)Simon McIntosh-Smith (University of Bristol)

Abstract: We present a major update to the GPU-STREAM benchmark implementation, first shown at SC15. The original benchmark allowed comparison of achievable memory bandwidth performance through the STREAM kernels on OpenCL devices. GPU-STREAM v2.0 extends the benchmark to another dimension: the kernels are implemented in a wide range of popular state-of-the-art parallel programming models. This allows an intuitive comparison of performance across a diverse set of programming models and devices, investigating whether choice of model matters to performance and performance portability. In particular we investigate 7 parallel programming languages (OpenMP 4.x, OpenACC, Kokkos, RAJA, SYCL, CUDA and OpenCL) across 12 devices (6 GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD, Intel Xeon Phi (Knights Landing), 4 generations of Intel Xeon CPUs, and IBM Power 8).

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