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14. Scaling a High Energy Laser Physics Application (VBL) Using MPI and the RAJA Portability Layer

Authors: Kathleen McCandless (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Tom Epperly (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Jean Michel Di Nicola (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Katie Lewis (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Gabriel Mennerat (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Jarom Nelson (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Rick Sacks (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Samuel Schrauth (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)Paul Wegner (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)

Abstract: LLNL is a world leader in designing and maintaining high energy lasers, built upon decades of leadership in the modeling of high energy laser systems. Here we present initial results for a parallel mini-app based on the National Ignition Facility’s (NIF) Virtual Beamline (VBL) code, a single-node laser physics modeling engine. Recent advances in ultra-intense short-pulse laser systems are driving us to develop massively parallel laser physics capabilities similar to the laser physics code Miró (an MPI-only implementation) to support the multi-order increase in time/space resolution needed for these types of broadband, chirped-pulse amplification lasers. Here we present a demonstration of our new scalable simulation code architecture using MPI and the RAJA Portability Layer. This hybrid parallelization approach promises to bridge the gap in resolution allowing us to deliver future simulations with the requisite physics fidelity at an unprecedented scale.

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