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16. NEMO5, Xeon Phi, and hStreams: Physics of Ultrascaled 2D Nanotransistors

Authors: Xinchen Guo (Purdue University)Kuang-Chung Wang (Purdue University)James Charles (Purdue University)Junzhe Geng (Purdue University)Daniel Mejia (Purdue University)Daniel Valencia (Purdue University)Daniel Lemus (Purdue University)James E. Fonseca (Purdue University)Gerhard Klimeck (Purdue University)Tillmann Kubis (Purdue University)

Abstract: The detailed electrical and thermal properties of future ultrascaled transistors are critically dependent on quantum effects. This is particularly true for the promising class of 2D-material based transistors. NEMO5 – a multipurpose, multiscale semiconductor device simulation tool is applied on these devices in many academic and industrial groups (including Intel, Samsung, TSMC etc.). Harnessing the power of modern HPC hardware in world’s largest supercomputing centers, NEMO5 is able to unveil more fine details of nanotransistors. This work discusses how a physical Xeon Phi is partitioned into several virtual Xeon Phis using the hStreams library and put into a MPI parallelization scheme.

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