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40. STView: An Eclipse Plug-in Tool for Visualizing Program Structures in Fortran Source Codes

Authors: Tomomi Ohichi (Kobe University)Masaaki Terai (RIKEN)Mitsuo Yokokawa (Kobe University)Kazuo Minami (RIKEN)

Abstract: We developed an Eclipse plug-in tool named STView for visualizing the program structures of Fortran source codes to help improve the performance of the program on a supercomputer. To create a tree that represents program structures, STView uses an abstract syntax tree (AST) generated by Photran and filters the tree because the AST has many nontrivial nodes for tokens. While ordinary visualization tools such as profiler and refactoring tools represent a call tree that only includes the relationship among procedures, STView can visualize loops and branches in addition to a call tree. Moreover, STView can show the time-consuming parts or hotspots of a program by profiling data. We evaluated the capability of STView using 13 scientific applications collected from websites and confirmed that it robustly visualizes a tree for all applications.

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