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60. Modernizing a Long-Lived Production Physics Code

Authors: Charles Ferenbaugh (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Sriram Swaminarayan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Chuck Aldrich (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Matthew Calef (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Joann Campbell (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Marcus Daniels (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Michael Hall (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Scot Halverson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Thomas Masser (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Michael McKay (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Zachary Medin (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Ralph Menikoff (Los Alamos National Laboratory)David Nicholaeff (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Robert Robey (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Gabriel Rockefeller (Los Alamos National Laboratory)Jeremy Sauer (Los Alamos National Laboratory)John Wohlbier (CI Software Associates)

Abstract: LANL's Eulerian Applications Project is working on modernizing its code base to perform at large scale on Trinity and other future platforms. To make this possible, we are untangling the complicated dependencies that have built up over the years, and dividing the functionality into smaller, self-contained packages. These packages will be well-documented, have well-defined APIs, and be unit-testable. They will allow us to refactor code in individual packages with minimal impact to other parts of the code. We will then be able to work on the optimizations for Trinity and other advanced architectures. This poster will describe the packagization strategy, our progress to date, initial optimization results, and future plans.

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