SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

55. The High Performance Open Community Runtime: Explorations on Asynchronous Many Task Runtime Systems

Authors: Joshua Landwehr (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)Joshua Suetterlein (University of Delaware)Andres Marquez (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)Joseph Manzano (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)Kevin Barker (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)Guang Gao (University of Delaware)

Abstract: This poster presents the Performance Open Community Runtime, an asynchronous many task runtime which aims to provide a scalable, efficient, and productive platform to exercise novel runtime ideas that will exploit the massive parallel resources in today's HPC systems. This mature platform goes beyond the proof-of-concept phase by demonstrating that it can scale up to thousands of cores. Moreover, it is highly configurable, aiding in the controlled exploration and validation of novel ideas and concepts. We have proven its scalability for both strong and weak scaling experimental setups with selected kernels running on leadership clusters. We have conducted preliminary studies with different memory models and used our own characterization / introspective framework for an in-depth attribution of performance.

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