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79. Parallel FETI Solver for Modern Architectures

Authors: Lubomir Riha (Technical University of Ostrava)Tomas Brzobohaty (Technical University of Ostrava)Michal Merta (Technical University of Ostrava)Alexandros Markopoulos (Technical University of Ostrava)Ondrej Meca (Technical University of Ostrava)Tomas Kozubek (Technical University of Ostrava)

Best Poster Finalist

Abstract: This poster presents a parallel implementation of the Hybrid Total FETI (HTFETI) method. HTFETI is a multilevel domain decomposition method in which a small number of neighboring subdomains is aggregated into clusters. The presented HTFETI solver is able to solve 3D heat transfer problems of size up to 124 billion unknowns on 17,576 nodes of the Titan supercomputer. A superlinear strong scalability of the iterative solver is presented for 20 billion unknown heat transfer problems and 11 billion DOF structural mechanics problem executed on 2,744 to 17,576 nodes. In addition, a super-linear strong scaling is presented for 300 million DOF real world problem. The acceleration of the HTFETI method using Local Schur Complement method delivers 7.8 speedup (heat transfer) and 2.7 speedup (structural mechanics) of the iterative solver when executed on the Intel Xeon Phi and 3.4 speedup for structural mechanics delivered by the GPUs on the Titan machine.

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