SC16 Salt Lake City, UT

82. Distributed Graph-Based Clustering for Network Intrusion Detection

Authors: Corbin A. McNeill (Wheaton College)Enyue Lu (Salisbury University)Matthias Gobbert (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Abstract: In order to process large volumes of network traffic data and quickly detect intrusions, we use parallel computation frameworks for Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDS). Additionally, we model network data as graphs to highlight the interconnected nature of network traffic, and apply unsupervised graph-based clustering to flag anomalies as network intrusions. We particularly examine the effectiveness of barycentric clustering on graph network traffic models for intrusion detection. The clustering algorithms have been implemented in Hadoop MapReduce for the purpose of rapid intrusion detection. Furthermore, k-nearest neighbor graphs (kNNGs) are used to optimize the clustering process. We find that across various data sets, unsupervised graph based clustering is able to exceed a 92% intrusion detection accuracy and that kNNGs can effectively optimize the network traffic graphs for larger data sets.

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