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27. Node-Local I/O on Aurora – CPPR

Authors: Christopher Holguin (Intel Corporation)Kalyana Chadalavada (Intel Corporation)Jeffrey Olivier (Intel Corporation)John Carrier (Intel Corporation)

Abstract: Common Persistent-memory POSIX Runtime (CPPR) enables applications to leverage the fast persistent memory available on Aurora compute nodes (CNs) for I/O which enables more efficient use of compute cores. CPPR comprises 3 components - 1) async API for developers to utilize CPPR services 2) Compute node session services (CNSS) daemon 3) file movement utilities. Using CPPR, applications can 1) take advantage of the node-local (NL) filesystem backed by persistent memory hardware to reduce interaction with the global filesystem, 2) move files into and out of the NL filesystem asynchronously, and 3) create fault-tolerant checkpoint data with SCR and FTI, which utilize CPPR services.

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