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93. Prototype Implementation of Simulation Caching Framework for Multi-User Interaction

Authors: Jiachao Zhang (University of Fukui)Yu Yamamoto (University of Fukui)Shinji Fukuma (University of Fukui)Shin-ichiro Mori (University of Fukui)

Abstract: In order to realize human-in-the-loop scientific computing in a cloud-like environment, we have to conquer the problem of network latency. For this purpose, we have proposed a simulation model which we referred to it as “Simulation Caching.” Simulation Caching is a sort of cooperative cloud technique where a high performance remote server somewhere on the cloud cooperates with a moderate scale local server to realize interactive steering and remote collaboration over on-going simulation. To hide the latency to the remote server, Simulation Caching lets the local server cache a part of the simulation from the remote server and performs the duplicated simulation concurrently with the remote server, while keeping the accuracy of the cached simulation by weakly cooperating with the original simulation running on the remote server. In this poster, the simulation framework based on simulation caching technique and its extension to multi-user environment are reported.

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